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KISSmetrics Customer Intelligence


We don't have time to sort through a fire hose of data. We need to know what's working and what's not.

Instead of using web analytics to track pageviews, visitors, and events, it's time to start tracking our customers.

When we understand our customers, we understand how to grow our business.

KISSmetrics tracks real people--where they come from, what they do, and who purchases.

Discover where your best customers originally came from

KISSmetrics tells you where each person originally came from so you know which marketing brings you valuable traffic.

With other tools, you can't work backwards. Once people become a customer, you can't see what they did in the months leading up to the purchase. KISSmetrics connects all of the historical data from an anonymous visitor to their customer profile as soon as they become a customer. Even if it takes 8 months for a new visitor to become a new customer, you'll know what they did along the way.

Learn how to improve your site and apps

What do people actually use? How do they decide to purchase?

With data on real customers, you'll know which features are being used on your site. Not only will you know what's being used, you'll see the exact order of events that each individual triggers. Finally you'll see how a real person uses your site.

Track people across multiple devices

With most analytics tools, customer data gets split up every time a new device gets used.

With KISSmetrics, all of your customer data gets added to the original customer profile each time someone logs in. It doesn't matter how many devices they use, which platforms they're on, or how long it's been since they logged in. All of your customer data will be right where it should be.

Want to see how your data looks in KISSmetrics?

Take KISSmetrics for a test run. We'd love to show you what KISSmetrics can do.