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The Janrain User Management Platform(JUMP) helps organizations succeed online with leading technology that leverages the popularity of social networks and identities for new user acquisition, engagement, and enhanced customer intelligence.

With Janrain, you can simplify user management, speed time to market and ensure data privacy and integrity for your customer-facing online applications. Janrain solutions empower you toquickly implement robust registration and authentication systems enabling you to focus development efforts in your core competencies.

The open and extensible JUMP gives you the ability to build best-of-breed infrastructure and seamlessly swap in additional new widgets and applications through 3rd party extensions, connectors and API’s.

Janrain Engage

  • Janrain Engage provides a comprehensive SaaS offering to integrate social into your web properties, marketing and mobile initiatives. Social authentication, sharing and user engagement extensions for your web pages.

  • Easy to implement SaaS solution. Widgets to drop on your site and just one API call to get the user data that you need.

  • Completely removes the complexity of supporting multiple providers.

  • Integrates with your existing registration flow. Social profile data is returned in an easy to consume JSON format that makes for easy integration with your existing user database.

  • Guaranteed 99.95 % SLA.

Janrain Capture

  • Janrain Capture is a hosted and managed Oauth based social profile storage and turnkey registration system. The solution offers a full complement of features from customizable schemas, a comprehensive registration workflow, data-driven forms and field validation, as well as public and private profile pages.

  • Janrain Capture includes enterprise class hosted operations, with data back-ups,, security, built-in redundancies and 99.95% SLA.

  • Capture provides a data model and architecture built to store and retrieve dynamic and rapidly expanding social data sets such as user profile, friends and activity data. Capture also stores traditional site registration and legacy data.

  • Ability to readily grant 3rd party tools such as content personalization engines, email marketing systems, ad servers, billing and subscription management systems granular and column level access to data.

Janrain Federate

  • Janrain Federate is an easy to deploy single sign-on solution for the consumer web.

  • Federate securely passes a user in an authenticated manner across your trusted sites, including appropriate partner sites.

  • Through a combination of server side Javascript and a single API call, Federate makes it easy to add new web sites and partner properties into your ecosystem  of trusted sites.

Janrain’s solutions across social login, social sharing, social profile data collection and storage, access to the social graph, and digital strategy services, have greatly improved the effectiveness of digital marketing initiatives for leading brands like Fox, Universal Music Group, Whole Foods, Mattel, Pfizer, Samsung, Macy’s and Dr Pepper.  Contact us today to talk about how we can move your brand’s performance forward.