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Identify the companies visiting your website and personalize content for them in real-time. Demandbase integrates with your Content Management System (CMS) to deliver unique content experiences based on your segmenting strategy.

B2B marketers are challenged to engage their website visitors as soon as they visit their website, otherwise they face the risk of losing their interest and their business. The key to engagement is relevant and targeted content that resonates with the visitor. Engaging them with personalized, targeted content helps create a ‘zero click experience’ for the visitor, resulting in increased page views, time on site, decreased bounce rates, and ultimately, higher conversions. Since B2B companies sell to accounts, not individuals, they need an approach that caters to an account-based selling model.

When B2B companies integrate Demandbase into their content management system the company identity of each visitor triggers rules for personalizing content and user experience. Since the relevant company attributes are known, the web experience can be personalized depending on those attributes—all before the visitors make themself “known,” and without relying on cookies.

Content Targeting in Action

B2B marketers can get quick wins with Content Targeting by addressing each company by name, industry, or company size. By incorporating a list of targeted accounts and their relationship to your business, Demandbase technology enables you to tailor the web experience to the companies that are the most important to you. By presenting product comparisons to your competitor’s customers, cross-selling or up-selling existing customers, or by showing a special offer to your target accounts you can turn your most important prospects from browsers into buyers.

When combined with the rest of the Demandbase platform, you’re able to execute fully integrated Target Account Marketing campaigns that help you attract, engage and convert your prospects and dream accounts, driving measurable performance and revenue.