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Meet, a dynamic mobile layer that puts you back in control over engagement and monetization on mobile web. adds to your website advanced mobile functionality specifically designed to help you deliver consistent, engaging experiences to users browsing your site on any mobile device. We achieve that by introducing a functional semi-transparent overlay that can be spread ad-hoc by a user on top of your existing site when accessed from a mobile browser.

The mobile add-on is a floating “menu” holding engagement tools that are consistently available to users from anywhere on your mobile site. These tools were all carefully designed for a mobile interface and allow users to easily search and navigate through your site, share your content or products simultaneously across multiple social networks, follow your site and take more actions - all deployed on top of your existing site. Making such key experiences and assets always-available translates into more engagement with your brand, content and products when it is most relevant to the user and most impactful for you.

The functional overlay also provides you with new premium real estate to serve targeted ads, run sponsorships or deploy custom mini-apps delivering unique mobile experiences to your audience. **Contact us to get access to our platform APIs and build custom mini-apps delivering a variety of mobile experiences as wide as you can imagine.

Start using for free - is exceptionally easy and light to implement – no changes required to your existing website or infrastructure. Simply click the Get button and follow the instructions on screen – you’ll be up and running in five minutes.