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Website design and maintenance is a team effort. No longer a job for a few dedicated people working inside the organization, today there are many contributors, in many locations and different time zones — working to produce content-rich websites. Often this means content is developed or updated by several people, both internal to the organization and people outside the firewall. It is essential that companies are able to publish new content efficiently to quickly respond to market demands. Yet so is the need ensure control by adhering to workflows for enforcing the correct review and approval process, ensuring the right external voice and brand control. Alfresco and Acquia — two leading open source platforms — integrate to provide a web content solution that ensure content is fresh while still adhering to company guidelines.  Customers using both technologies together have found great benefits for their needs including:

  • Internal Intranet: Provide a secure environment for restricted documents and respond to compliance requirements and at the same time provide an open and social environment for collaboration. Build a customized internal social network for powerful social interaction.
  • Partner Extranets: Use the secure internal environment for restricted documents as outlined above and open areas to external agencies, professional services firms, and your suppliers to share the information they need. Manage the flow of information and core documents securely and easily. Build workflows for review and approval that span your internal and external teams.
  • Public Websites: Achieve “web-scale” performance requirements for delivery tier with a highly customized look and feel. Manage a large number of anonymous web users interacting with primarily read-only content. Achieve brand-specific site design requirements.